Internet as Education’s Pharmike

   Before I begin, I must quote  this poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson, because it so eloquently encapsulates my beliefs about education:

"A subtle chain of countless rings

The next unto the farthest brings;

The eye reads omens as it goes,

And speaks all languages the rose;

And striving to be man, the worm

Mounts through all the spires of form.”

In other words, education is the ladder by which we ascend from the depths of our bestial nature and into the heights of reason. For, as I understand it, “Man is a rational animal”. There is nothing higher, nobler,  and more human than for a person to exercise his or her reason.

  However, people aren’t born rational; they’re born carnal: slaves to the instincts and passions. Through education, however, the intellect is strengthened to the point where it can put its house (the mind) in order. Bearing this in mind, the Internet is a “pharmike” to education.

  “Pharmike” is an ancient Greek term meaning both medicine and poison. So, for the Internet to be a “pharmike” to education, would mean that it can either serve as an aid or a hindrance.

  As an example, I’ll use myself. As an aid to further my education, I have used the Internet to go on Khan Academy and watch videos all about derivatives. Now, I knew before hand that the derivative is the difference quotient. However, by watching Khan Academy, I was able to broaden my knowledge of derivatives, by learning the Power Rule, the Chain Rule, and the Product Rule. I also learned how to differentiate the constant e raised to a variable x and the natural logarithm of a variable x, which are impossible to do using the difference quotient method.

  Besides using the Internet as an aid to further my formal education, I also use this vast warehouse of information to enrich my mind. For example, I have bought and downloaded E-books on a wide range of esoteric topics. One of these E-books is Einstein’s papers On the Special Theory of Relativity and the General Theory of Relativity. From these papers, I have learned that the speed of light is constant for all observers regardless of their reference frame and that there is no absolute time. Another E-book that I have bought and downloaded is ”The God Particle” by physicist Leon Lederman. From it, I learned more about the Higgs Boson.

  The Internet is not only just an aid to learning, however. It can be a great hindrance to it as well. With all that information at my finger tips, many times I have felt and still feel overwhelmed; I do not know where to begin, especially when I’m working on a research paper. To alleviate this stress, I would sometimes stop what I am doing, go to YouTube, and listen to some music for a little bit. However, this supposedly “minute” interval of time to decompress extends to over two hours, reading what my friends have posted on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or all three websites at the same time.


Make me moan

In pleasure mixed with pain.



The pale cold flesh

Until my body sore

Screams no more

And from my lips

Parts the refrain

"I have been wondrously slain"

Repeated over and over

like an incantation that

Soars far above this plane.

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A Cup of Coffee (A Start)

Once in a house… but better not name the house—not because there was anything noticeable about it; I mean, it’s quite a bland-looking house done in that monotonous style that characterizes the rows upon rows of houses that cover the flat lands of the Southwest—but because of the unpleasantries involved in handling a touchy case such as this.  So where were we? Ah, yes. Once in a house, atop one of the various counters in its kitchen sat a Mr. Coffee coffee brewer—big, black, and bulky— so mundane that no one in their right minds would think that this was a murder weapon.

A gentle breeze blew across the flat landscape covered in row upon row of monotonous-looking houses. Seated on a flimsy plastic fold-up chair was an old black man dressed in a plain white shirt and gray jogging pants. His eyes darted from knick-knack to knick-knack, which were all neatly arranged atop green towels set up on the driveway of one of the houses, ready to sell…